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In my opinion this just shows that the company does not care about their game anymore and are simply trying cheap runescape gold to milk every last penny from their players. 4 points submitted 4 months agoDon you think that it a bit discouraging to invest time into the game when you log in and you get a pop up screen telling you to buy treasure hunter keys for 50% off and all the other promotions that are going on?
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No. It probably happened to me hundreds or at least tens of times, yet saying that I seriously can even remember distinctly it happening more than once. The only one time I remember is when it popped up on my ironman account and I was like "Hey, wait, yeah this is my ironman. That kind of funny."It so incredibly irrelevant to me, and it genuinely is irrelevant to the vast majority of people.

Most people don even really notice it.Also, the whole Runepass idea which is basically a ripoff from Fortnite Battlepass, even the interface looks the same. Jagex expect us to pay another monthly fee on top of already increased $11/month membership price.And Fortnite really, really popular, why not lift their design for it? Anyway, Jagex doesn "expect"

you to do it, they are giving you the option to do it. You don have to. Jagex has also respected grandfathered membership rates for how long now? $11 is such a ridiculous meme.Most of the updates that come out have serious bugs and it just shows that they don even test their content before releasing it. In my opinion this just shows that the company

does not care about their game anymore and are simply trying to milk every last penny from their customers.It shows that the game is incredibly complex. On release OSRS second raid had a bug that made people literally lose items, potentially things worth billions. Every update will have some bugs, imbalances, and so on. You can get it perfect when you working with something so complex,

It may seem like a no brainer to add, but you might want to consider the effects it could have on PKing.Of course there will always be some kind of bugs with the upcoming content, that is completely understandable, but multiple updates in the past have had issues that they would clearly see if they tested the content before releasing it, such as the Game Calendar.
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